Don't criticize others

The easiest way to demote yourself in the realm of the Spirit is by criticising others. Criticising others reduces you in life. When you criticise others, you bring yourself below them automatically.

Don't use your mouth to bring people down, rather lift them up with your words. When you gossip people behind their back, you are actually putting yourself behind them. The greater doesn't Criticize the lesser rather the lesser Criticize the greater. If you want to be behind them all the days of your life, continue to Criticize them but if you want to be like or better than them, Praise their efforts and stop Criticizing their mistakes.

Don't be quick to highlight the wrong things on people's lives but rather complement their good side.
When you complement the good side in people's lives, the bad side will fade away automatically. People pay more attention to what they are celebrated for and want to do more of it. But if you keep on complaining all the time about their mistakes or wrongs, their determination to become better persons will be terminated.

The Bible said:
"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”
Luk 6:38 NIV

If you sow the right seeds into people's lives, men will do the same to you, even more. If you sow the wrong words, you will harvest the same. You can never be greater than the person you Criticized.

Parent complement your children's strength and stop complaining about their weakness or mistakes. Boss complement your staff's efforts and stop dwelling on their mistakes. Wife complement your husband, husband complement your wife etc, by so doing you are strengthening them to become better persons. When you complement the strength of someone you strengthens them the more
but when you keep dwelling on their mistakes all the time you weakens their ability to become better.

Lift someone up today with your kind words, either in their presence or in their absence. Say good things about people, even though they are not in good terms with you. If you see or hear anything good about them, just complement. Understand you are not doing it for them but for yourself because what you celebrate in the life of others will be attracted into your life as well.

Remain blessed.

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