Solutions to heartbreak

Heartbreak" is painful and terrible, but it happens to everyone. That depressed,defeated feeling is enough to scare even the most optimistic of lovers into closing themselves off. But heartbreak is a common experience, part of a normal love life, and u can get over it. Here are some steps to help u get over the pain...Realize the relationship is truly over. You cannot begin moving on until u completely give up on that person. Put your former lover completely out of your system. Discard the last shred of hope that u may get back together...Come to terms with the relationship. Once u have accepted that it is over,u are ready to make amends wit urself. Forgive urself for mistakes u may have made. Quit staying up at night thinking "If I had only done..." because it doesn't matter now. The relationship is over.. .Stay busy. Keep ur mind occupied, and if u can't keep your mind occupied, keep ur body occupied. Try not to be alone. Go out with friends,play sports,take up a new hobby. Try to avoid the routines u used to follow during the relationship...Seek new experiences. The best way to forget the old is to embrace the new. Now is a good time to broaden your horizons. Find out for urself that there is more to live than that one lost love...Break the habit. This person may have been a large part of your life. You may have had daily rituals that involved him or her. Avoid such situations that remind u of their absence. Now u have †✆ find other activities to fill the void. Find a healthy outlet. Write in ur journal. Get out all those nasty feelings: They are easier to deal with when they are on the table rather than pent up inside
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