Easy way to maintain your marriage

Always apologize and forgive
When one partner feels they have been wronged, they should sit and talk about it. This helps rebuild the trust for each other and maintain the calmness as a family. After resolving the issues, it is advisable that no one clings to the past but let go the anger, hatred and bitterness towards your partner. According to Church leaders, you should always ask for forgiveness when you are guilty and ask for forgiveness as this creates a healthy relationship.
-Compliment each other
A good relationship means that you love your partner physically, emotionally and mentally. Learn to compliment each other at least every day because the things that attract us to our spouses have the power to refresh relationships.
-Make communication a priority
Healthy communication is the basis in any relationship. Just as everyone communicates differently, we should all learn to understand each other. This is by knowing the right manner to speak to your partner.
Keenly listen to your partner and maintain eye contact.
-Exchange love texts and notes with your partner
Make it a habit to text your partner in the morning and remind them that you love them. You can as well write love notes and put them in the bags. They will find them when they get to their places of work. Doing this will make your relationship lovely.
-Always sleep together
Always go to bed together. This is even if the other has to wait for their partner to finish whatever they are doing. Going to bed at the same time creates time for pillow talks and voluntary intimacy for each other. This will develop a closer relationship.
-Recall on your old times
Definitely you have your worth remembering memories that will help you laugh out loud. Remember all the crazy stuff you did together. It will remind you how to have fun again and inspire you to get more crazy things to do together.
-Kiss as before
We all can recall the dating days when we could sit on the couch and kiss for hours without feeling anything wrong. This may fade as the relationship grows. Learn to kiss your partner when you are home from work, when you are out on dates and sometimes kiss him or her in the car when driving. This will keep you more connected to each other.
-Make time for each other
Don’t get too busy to the extent of forgeting your partner. Always create time for the two of you. Go out and share your weekly experiences.
-Be spontaneous
Always do an extra thing for your spouse. This can be a surprise dinner or rather make it worth more by planning a vacation for the two of you when you know they are off. You can also get them gifts. Always listen to what they desire or what is in their bucket list and get them before they can get it.
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