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Jubril has been issued a brand new certificate by WAEC just like that. Only this time around they omitted mathematics unlike the one they issued in 2015. This is what I mean by the inbred corrupt nature of a black man. A man without basic certificate have suddenly acquired one because power doesn’t reside with the people. Stopping elections is the best way to save what is left. How do Nigerians intend to stop a mad desperate Fulani cabal that forged a certificate for their puppet, intent on remaining in power? Don’t forget that Britain is in support of Buhari and US will dare not interfere in an area of British influence in Africa. When the Fulani jihadi INEC announce victory for Jubril-Buhari next year what will you do? Nothing as usual. There is nothing anybody can do to stop the criminal Fulani cabal because they have the backing of Britain. The best thing to do is to support IPOB to chase away the impostor because that thing there is not Buhari. The question we should all be asking is, where is Buhari’s death certificate?

Nigerians are so dumb that I don’t know if their stupidity will ever be cured. They think everything is about Biafra not knowing what we are doing is about everybody. Africa will never be developed until Biafra is liberated.

Is it possible to attest to a non-existent result? This was a man a group of Pastors, clergies, elders, opinion leaders, traditional rulers, so-called intellectuals etc gathered together and called him integrity personified. Not just the dead Buhari but this idiot from Sudan.

This was a man some Christian leaders visited and thanked for his impeccable integrity and encouraged him for working hard to make Nigeria better even on the face of contradicting events and developments. This is a man millions of Nigerians are campaigning for and ready to die for on the platform of pedestrian integrity. Even WAEC the apex exam board threw integrity to the wind. APC through Jubril-Buhari has revealed the best of the worst in Nigerians.-
Had the Zoo Nigeria succeeded in killing me, by now Ohaneze, Igbo governors and failed agitators turned property tycoons would be celebrating. This is the extent of evil we are seeking to purge from our land, where jealousy will drive somebody to conspire with our enemies the irredentist core North to kill your brother. Biafra will not be like any other wicked black Africa country, that is why it must be founded on truth, transparency and honesty under Almighty Creator Chukwu Okike Abiama. Anything else and I won’t be a part of it. My prayer tonight is that if Biafrans are going to be as evil and wicked as Nigerians, let Biafra not come.-

Some of the prominent names that helped send the late Buhari to Aso Rock in whose name that thing they imported from Sudan is making mockery of every black person on earth. They call themselves intellectuals, intelligentsia, academics, thinkers and elites but in actual fact their brains are empty. They are dumb, lack vision, foresight and judgement.

1. Oby Ezekwesili
2. Fela Durotoye
3. Atiku Abubakar
4. Omoyele Sowore
5. Donald Duke
6. Kingsley Moghalu
7. Charles Soludo
8. Pastor Tunde Bakare
9. Pastor Sunday Adelaja
10. Father Ejike Mbaka
11. Professor Pastor Yemi Osibanjo
12. Tam David West
13. Professor Wole Soyinka
14. Rev. Chris Okotie

These people actually believed that Buhari had what it takes to lead Nigeria into a first world. These people went to school. Some claimed to have direct access to God. Some are gifted with "prophesies". They read history.

They were more than 20 years in 1983 when Buhari shot himself to power. They saw Buhari murder innocent Nigerians in 1983. They saw Buhari destroy the economy in 1983. They saw the role Buhari played in Abacha's government. They read all the threats of violence by Buhari against the nation. They saw Buhari harass Lam Adesina Oyo State Governor because of Fulani herdsmen.
They saw Buhari led the sharia protest that claimed the lives of innocent Nigerians in 2001. They saw everything this man did. They knew him too well to miss the little details of his violent life.

But they were united in hatred. Hatred for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. One among the few Nigeria leaders that actually wanted Nigeria to work. They exploited his humility. They exploited his kindness. They danced and made merry in Ojota. They mobilised thugs to stone a sitting President. Jonathan never gave the order to open fire..

We black Africans lack mental toughness in the face of adversity. That we are today the laughing stock of the whole world is our own making, that is why I don’t believe in racism. We have again and again demonstrated our inability to reason. A teacher or civil servant is owed 3 years salary. Instead of the teacher to simply say enough is enough, if you don’t pay us we won’t vote, NUT leaders would go behind to collect bribe from governors only to turn around to ask the same long suffering teachers to go and vote for the same person that stole their salary for 3 years. The saddest thing is some of them will foolishly go and vote. Once the kleptomaniac of a governor has been sworn in May 29, 2019 the problem of non-payment starts all over again. What type of people are we blacks if I may ask?-
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