States in Nigeria that has the most beautiful girls

Nigeria is the giant of  Africa that has the most beautiful girls in the entire  African continents.
Nigeria is the most populated African black nation on earth with a population of over 200 million people.
They are rich in natural resources and also diverse in culture and heritage.
The major tribes in Nigeria are the Ibo,the Hausa and the Yoruba.
Due to the excessive beauty of Nigerian women,we decided to conduct an online poll/ voting to find out the states in Nigeria with the most beautiful women.
Using the result of the online poll,we did our own research and found out that its probably the truth.
Here are the Top 5 states in Nigeria that has girls who are naturally endown with beauty.


Imo state is home to the Igbo Ethnic group of Nigeria. Imo state is rich in natural resources including crude oil,agriculture and commerce.
 Imo state is a state that was been blessed by God with all his best blessings. Together with the most prettiest damsels in Africa. The highest models in Africa comes from imo state. Imo state girl are simply unique and special. They were all classic/classy.  They always make a good wife. Always industrious, productive and supportive to their husband. Responsible men always come to Imo state to pick a wife. Imo state girls valued education so much more than any other things. No wonder 93% of the Imolites were all graduates.


Cross river state is the second state that witg the most prettiest damsels in Nigeria After Imo State. Their girls are also very Good on bed. Very wonderful and adorable.
The state is well known for its breath taking tourist locations and beautiful natural landscape.
This land is mainly occupied by the Efik.

Enugu state is the third state that has the most pretty girls in nigeria. Enugu state girls were all admirable. You cannever walk 6 minutes in Enugu state without Admiring at least 3 girls. Night life in Enugu girls is very much Alive. They valued Enjoyments,  Clubbing and party so much.
This state is predominantly occupied by the Igbos,one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria.
A Typical Enugu girl is descent and well raised.
Enugu girls are beauteous, graceful and good looking.

River state is the fourth state in nigeria that has the most beautiful girls. Their girls are classy and expensive.
A visit to the university of portharcourt will attest to it.  you cannever have a university of portharcourt babe without your car keys.
It is home to ethnic groups like the Ikwerre, Ibani, Opobo, Eleme, Okrika, and Kalabari, Etche, Ogba, Ogoni, Engenni, Obolo and others.
Its an oil rich state with a lot of multi national international oil companies operating in the state.

Lagos state is the fifth state in Nigeria that has the most beautiful girls with different backgrounds. 
Lagos is Nigeria's largest city,and one of the major economic powerhouse state of Nigeria.
It is one of the busiest and fastest growing cities in the world with beautiful beaches and tourist locations. 
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