The Richest Governors in Nigeria 2018

In Nigeria, it is widely purported that the 36 state Governors are involved in funds diversion and embezzlement. This is very glaring as many of them are among the richest personalities in the country. Many Nigerians are doubtful of the fact that they make their money devoid of involvement in money laundering.
Aside from politics, some of these Governors have chains of businesses which provides extra income. Some of them were already billionaires before taking up power.
Embezzlement of public funds is highly prevalent in Nigerian politics, they throw money like cards and this instigates suspicion from the electorates.
In this post, we shall highlight the top 5 richest state Governors in Nigeria.
#1 Rochas Okorocha:
According to Naijaquest, the richest Governor in Nigeria is Rochas Okorocha. Rocha’s Okorocha is the Governor of Imo state. He is very influential and wealthy. Rochas is the Owner of the Rochas foundation, a philanthropic organization for giving financial aids to orphans and the poor. He grew up in Northern Nigeria and he has many business chains. He contested the presidential elections in 2003 and 2007 before emerging as the Governor of Imo state in 2015. Rochas is a very industrious and fortunate business man. Currently, he is the richest Governor in Nigeria and his influence in Politics in Nigeria is becoming tense especially in the APC.
#2 Abubakar Sani Bello
He is the Governor of Niger state and one of the richest Governors in Nigeria. He was once the richest Governor in Nigeria, but was toppled by Rochas Okorocha. Governor Sani hails from one of the richest families in the continent and they made the Forbes list as one of the richest families in Africa.
#3 Kashim Shettima
Shettima, the Governor of Bornu state was born in 1966. His predecessor, Ali Modu Sheriff was once the richest Governor in Nigeria. Bornu state is ravaged by civil unrest caused by the Boko Haram. Shettima is rated the 3rd richest Nigerian Governor and the 2nd richest Governor in Northern Nigeria.
#4 Nyesom Wike
Wike is widely rated as the best State Governor in 2018. His administration has witnessed massive improvement and infrastructural development in Rivers state. Being a Governor of the Oil rich Rivers state, Wike has leveraged on the bountiful internally generated funds and the colossal allocations from the federal Government to amass wealth. He once served as a minister of the federal republic and is widely regarded as the most robust and grounded Governor in
Nigerian politics. Many aggrieved members of the PDP are accusing him of taking control of the party’s structure. Wike is one of the richest Governors in Nigeria.
#5 Nasir El-Rufai
He became popular when he served as the minister of the FCT. El-Rufai hails from Kaduna state and he currently serves as the state Governor. Prior to the 2015 general elections, El-Rufai engaged himself in various criticisms against the former President, Goodluck Jonathan. El-Rufai currently sits as the 5th richest Governors in Nigeria.
It is observed that most of the richest Governors in Nigeria hail from the Northern region.
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