Agreement between APC government and Nnamdi KANU(a must read

The agreement between the APC government and Nnamdi Kanu was perfected at Kuje prison with Orji Uzor Kalu as the government mediator. The plan was to release him from prison and settle him handsomely. First, he was to violate his bail condition to create an opportunity for the army to get him out of the country via Python Dance. Everything went according to plan. Innocent young men and women died as collateral damage while the soldiers smuggled him and his parents out of Abia state and he waited for the right time to surface in Israel to commence his propaganda for the APC government. The Jubril story was a gimmick to make his supporters believe he was still in the fight, then he came up with his election boycott story and Atiku Cameroon tales to cause a distraction and reduce the votes from the South East.

It's all becoming clearer now. Buratai has ordered a clampdown on the South East during the election despite the fact that there is no threat from that part, just to ensure that the number of people who can summon the courage to come out and vote is reduced to the barest minimum.
The federal government, especially the ministry of information that is supposed to allay the fears of the people during the election and dispense the correct information has been silent on this matter, because everything is working the way they planned it. There is an arrest warrant for Orji Uzor Kalu presently. Why is he moving about with security agents, and even appearing publicly with the president? The answer is simple. He delivered as promised.

But we're not blind. The army might have succeeded in keeping Kanu and his family safe, but we will not give them the excuse to slaughter us anymore. Any young man or woman killed again in the name of IPOB should be seen as a suicide case, a taboo in Igbo land.orji uzor KANU announced Nnamdi KANU before he re-surface in isreal .
On 16th February, we will go out with our PVCs and cast our votes to get rid of the man whose only plan for us is death and destruction.
If Kanu wants to conduct referendum, let him come back and do it himself.
By peter Stone
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