From the look of things, history might repeat itself because of the refusal of many Nigerians, to do the needful.

Take this analogy for instance, Jesus was very popular when he lived on earth, but he lost the election conducted by Pilate.
The election was between Jesus and Barabbas, Pilate on the other hand represented INEC as it were.

Barabbas won and Jesus lost.
What happened?
Where were the 5,000 persons he fed?
What about those who were shouting hosanna  when he went to Jerusalem?
Where were all those he healed or those who benefitted from the miracles he did?
What about those who drank the wine at Cana?
Where was the family of Lazarus and that of Jarius?

That is the problem, the right persons will not win election because supporters don't turn out on election day.

So many Youth with voters card, are already engaged with INEC work outside their voting centres, some other persons will bring out all their clothes that day to wash, while some will be commentators on Facebook, and some others have planned how they will watch movies and football on the said day.

I don't want to even talk about IPOB members and their sit at home policy.

But my own is that if u don't vote on the 16th of February, you have lost the right to complain about Nigerian politics.

Michael Oragwa
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