Open letter to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu

Dear Governor Okezie Ikpeazu,

My heart bleeds whenever I remember that pensioners who suffered and worked for the Abia state government for more than 35 years are owed more than 17 months of their little pension that can not last for a week 😥😥.
My heart also bleeds when I remember that some parastatals, workers and teachers are owed salaries that can not feed a family for a week.
Am still worried that a lot of government funds are wasted on many things that don't matter....YES ,LOTS OF WASTEFUL SPENDING.
Am still worried that a lot of able bodied young people now sees government public funds as the only means of getting SUPER RICH and earning a living.
Am worried that waste disposal is still a huge problem in the state especially in Umuahia the  state capital.
Am still worried that a lot of our infrastructures are still in a sorry situation especially in Aba and umuahia.
Dear Governor Okezie Ikpeazu,
Victory is sweet and I know that there are so many solutions to all these problems...only if there is a WILL..
Dear Sir, the people are really looking forward for a much better deal than we had in your first term in office.
Hopefully, all Papa Ukwu,Papa Papa Ukwu, okpara Ukwu, sycophants,praise singers, inconclusive stakeholders and many more will disappear from the horizon of God owns State and give my Governor a breathing space to perform like PETER OBI of Anambra state.
My Governor My Governor, it's my earnest desire that you SUCCEED AND PERFORMED WELL MORE THAN ANY POLITICIAN IN NIGERIA.
Remember your past and where God brought you today. Sir, God loves you so much and you ought to reciprocate in good governance to Abians.
Don't ever listen to those who will tell you that second tenure is for sir, second tenure is for you to distinguish yourself in leadership. People don't know them, but Governor Okezie Ikpeazu they know ooooo.
I will always be praying for you and your team.  I will be critical as well and more importantly, I will be writing about the ways to make things happen.
God bless you and may ABIANS dance the way you danced during your second term Victory.
Best regards from me the voice of Abia .

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