The Sins of Rocha's Okorocha against Ndi IMO state
Owelle Rochas commited so many sins.

He didn't support IPOB.

He didn't support let's break Nigeria.

He didnt support Race/tribal discrimination in Nigeria.

In the last 20 years, he has given over 30 thousand children free education.

Currently there are over 270 children from all over Africa including Nigerians in one of the best schools he built in Owerri where they all get food and education for free.

He brought some development in Ideato since the creation of Ideato.

He brought some development in Orlu.

He made Owerri to be Lagos of South East because good governance brings real estate development, entertainment and hospitality boom.

Under him Owerri Airport became and has sustained as the 4th busiest Airport after Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt.

Under him Owerri grew faster than Port-Harcourt to become the fastest growing city after Lagos and Abuja

Under him Imo overtook other Southeast States in IGR for the 1st time in history.

He built the largest cargo air handling and warehousing terminal in West Africa at Ngor Okpala.

Under him Imo which was the most externally indebted State as at 2011 in Southeast has become the least externally indebted State

He didn't support Mbaise people when they rejected a bishop simply because he is from Anambra state.

He didn't support let's share imo state Money but rather said let's work with it

He refused to invest his own money in another state than IMO state, then people call him names because he decided to invest in IMO.

He didn't support tribal war among igbos, Hausa and Yoruba.

He has free schools in every part of Nigeria where people of every tribe, religion and background is treated equal.

He didn't support Yoruba and South South for president 2023.

He allowed smart and good man from average background to marry his daughter.

He removed Ekeukwu market that has been the hideout of criminals in Owerri and made the area more secure.

He built markets in every part of imo state, but as politicians deceived people into believing the old way of street trading is better than organized markets.

He changed the transport system of Owerri city from less fanciful keke to modern taxis and minibuses.

He gave tuition free education at University and Polytechnic for Imo indigenes

He built best CAN office in South East.

He built best Ndi Eze's palace in Nigeria.

He build many schools in Imo State numbering over 400

He demolished illegal structures to build 1st 8 and 10 lane expressways in Imo State.

He said Okigwe must have stadium, double lane roads and streetlights

He built 3 new higher institutions in Okigwe zone which includes Imopoly Mbano, New Imo University of Science Umuna, Onuimo and Imo College of education Ihite Uboma

He built Eastern Palm University in Orlu

He built Imo College of health in Orlu

He built new Stadium in Orlu

He built Imopoly in Orlu

Those are few of his sins. More is coming later.

Owelle no one can match all this even in the next 20 years.

God bless you man of capacity and a true Nigerian, Owelle.
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